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Flying Cars: Away from Gas

Flying cars are a great technology to forecast with the High Yield Timeline. They’re exciting, get media attention, they’re in first stage. So we can forecast their emergence as a dominant vehicle globally and locally.

Flying cars are in First Stage of the Transition. There are not enough to have basic business to business support, the scale is too small. However, that will change in the next few years.

Once the scale is large enough, will see flying cars in Hub Cities. Percentage of ownership is one way to assess the stage.

The price needs to drop and their sustainability and safety need to be near perfect. That when governments will openly encourage. Third stage.

Green product transportation and green public and personal transportation are moving into 2nd and 3rd stages. (Norway and Scotland, funds — move to Transition Timeline).

Rex Tillerson several years ago

So when do oil stocks collapse? What year using this forecast tool?