Basic Income

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Basic Income

Key element of High Yield Economy

Whether cash or delivered benefits (housing, health, food, education, transportation subsidies), High Yield gives people best standard of life possible, for the bottom fifth (and above).

Reduce Social Mortality.

Dependable capital circulation in bottom 1/5th, supports the other 4/5ths.

Makes more dependable consumers in bottom 1/5th.

Improves working conditions: employers must make it worthwhile to take a job vs stay home with working conditions, added benefits

Lots of examples

Stockton’s universal basic income scheme

Stockton, California has introduced a scheme which gives $500 (£380) a month to residents earning less than the average income.

The Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration (SEED) programme is already proving popular with local residents, but could the model work nationally?

Universal Basic Income, UBI
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