Better Metrics

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Better Metrics

High Yield Economy uses a better set of metrics than Legacy. High Yield organizations, including governments, shy away from GDP in favor of wellness and happiness. Costa Rica achieves this with low pollution.

Topic of how to substitute GDP is widely discussed.

Politicians talk about making growth “green” – but scientists reject this strategy as inadequate. The evidence is clear: the only way to build a truly ecological economy is to stop chasing GDP growth. 

The first step is to abandon GDP as a measure of progress – as New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern recently pledged to do – and focus instead on human well-being and ecology. There is a strong scientific consensus forming around this approach. A new paper signed by more than 11,000 scientists argues that high-income nations must shift to post-growth economic models if we are going to have any chance of preventing climate breakdown.


Transition Plan Architecture

Builds itself as organizations work together, sharing green products and services with healthy employment, product use, community. Key structure emerging is the top strand: green fair banking + green business information + green product/service movement.

Different Key Metrics = Different Economic Systems

Wealth Disparity:

US population, majority, do not have financial security.

Constant stream of Legacy metrics in the news masks this.

Here’s a video explaining the hardships that many in the US experience

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