Transition Timeline

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There’s a similar architecture to all the new industries in their arrival to dominance.

The timeline can be used to forecast a single organization, the industry, locally or globally.

3 stages (add each to glossary)

Initial/First/Introduction Stage

2nd stage. Co-exist, open competition (look for Legacy to use unethical means to suppress High Yield competitors)

3rd stage = where the government object/governments favor the High Yield industry and businesses. Policy shifts designed to eliminate Legacy and promote the High Yield.


Guterres said growing demands from citizens, particularly young people, have shown there is widespread desire for climate action.

“What is still lacking is political will,” he said. “Political will to put a price on carbon. Political will to stop subsidies on fossil fuels. Political will to stop building coal power plants from 2020 onwards. Political will to shift taxation from income to carbon. Taxing pollution instead of people.”

Scotland — housing for homeless, green cars by fixed date.

Funds are dropping/rejecting carbon fuel stocks (and other Legacy assets). This is a 2nd stage event, forecasts stock price collapse. Oil is probably going to go away 10 years sooner than the oil industry now predicts.

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