High Yield Economics Model

Spherical model.

Basic components.

What it Shows

How to Use

  • News Analysis
  • Timeline
  • Hiring/Job seeking
    • Candidates
    • Bosses

Legacy vs modern High Yield

High Yield is the new economic system. It’s replacing the Legacy system. It’s unstoppable. But it can be slowed. Resisting the transition into the new system is causing conflict and market downturns.

High Yield differs from Legacy in three points:

  1. Top policies are different. Legacy’s first policy is Full Employment, High Yield’s is Full Health
  2. One hiring sub-process differs. Legacy looks for candidates without strategic ethics, High Yield prefers strategic ethics.
  3. High Yield uses better metrics

These three points can be seen as a change control process.

Using High Yield, it is possible to make business and community decisions and develop transition plans without causing harm to employees, community, or the environment. Using Legacy’s formula, harm will always occur.

These two systems and their conflicting change control processes can exist in the same organization, the same nation or smaller governments. This is why we’re seeing conflict at so many levels and on so many fronts.

10 year Transition Plan relies on ethical CEOS, ethical entrepreneurs, and the younger generation to enact good will strategies.