Solution Economics for Colorado

Color Colorado solves rural issues with art lessons

Using the High Yield Economics model, Colorado Spaces Institute designed (and now manages) a program called Color Colorado. The program runs under a 501 (c) nonprofit, Color Colorado Art Institute (COCO).

Both the nonprofit and the program support Colorado State Parks and Wildlife with art to create a permanent solution for Colorado’s rural economic woes. Small towns situated outside of the Greater Denver Area are diminishing. The populations are too small to sustain themselves. People don’t drive to distant parks the way we once did. In order to address this problem COCO tries to help rural towns by bringing more drive-in tourists to the see the State Parks.

COCO uses an art challenge to do this. It publishes drawing books with images from the parks and maps. Artists take the books to the parks, complete the drawings, and parks add a passport stamp.

COCO delivers free art classes based on the books at public libraries throughout Colorado.

COCO has 2 key functions:

  • Help Colorado State Parks bring in new visitors and better distribute existing ones
  • Encourage visitors to the hidden gem parks, those most distant from Denver.

For more information about Color Colorado, visit their website and Facebook page.